F&H Rolleicord V - Xenar 75mm f/3.5 - art CORD08 - Sold.

From my personal collection, as I don't use it much it's better to go to someone who will take it out often. For me this is the most comfortable of Rolleicord models.

All the functions of the camera are fine, working as they should.

Xenar lens is clear and without issues and shutter works within factory standards.

The camera comes with a leather case, strap, caps and shade hood with pouch, all in nice condition. Some photos taken with the camera can be found here.

F&H Rolleiflex 3.5B - type 2 - Tessar  75mm f/3.5 - art FLEX02 - Sold.

The best Rolleiflex with coated Tessar as they say. Just serviced and ready to go to a new home. Shooting the test roll was a pleasure. This type 2 can disengage the EV selector so changing aperture and speed can be done independently.

The lens lens is pristine and it has no issues, the shutter works as it should for these days and the self timer will allow you for taking old time selfies.

The camera comes with a leather case, strap, caps all in good condition. Some photos from the test roll can be found here.

Kodak Retina IIC - type 029 - Xenon 50mm f/2.8 - art RET01 - Sold.

Upgraded Retina from IIc model with bigger and brighter viewfinder.

The camera received a full service and everything works as it should and smoothly. Rangefinder patch is visible and it moves fine, focus as well.
The lens is a Xenon 50mm f/2.8 in a Synchro-Compur MXV, lens is pristine and shutter works within factory standards. Self timer works fine too.

The camera is very nice to use and very nicely preserved, included a leather case. Photos made with it can be sent on request.

I accept pre-orders of following cameras already in the workshop ready to be serviced and tested, all glasses are excellent otherwise stated.

For watching previously sold items, please click here.

All cameras has been overhauled and tested with film, if any part required repair it was done correctly. The functions of the cameras are within factory tolerances, taking lenses are free from scratches, haze, fungus and/or separation unless stated in the ad. Viewfinder and rangefinder glasses are clean, TLR's mirrors and screens have been cleaned as well if possible. Cameras have no light leaks, roll film winding is correct if loaded as it should, springs and pressure plates have been adjusted.

Prices are in euro, shipping is included within EU, UK, USA and Canada, others inquire please. Payment options are cash (if picking up personally), bank transfer (IBAN) or PayPal.

CONTACT me for buying or with any question by indicating the 'art CODXX' of the camera.

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